Thank you to all the CPMs who participated in the September Item Writing Workshops!

Davis, California

Davis California Item Writing Group ~ missing a Bay Area midwife who was called away by the babies!

We had an Item Writing Workshop September 7-8 to develop new questions for the NARM Examination. The workshop was hosted by Rachel Fox-Tierney, CPM, LM and Tosi Marceline CPM, LM in Davis, CA. This was the largest Item Writing workshop ever hosted with 17 CPMs from California as far south as San Diego to north of Sacramento as well as one from Nevada and one from Mexico! The participants included CPMs who were foreign trained, PEP trained and MEAC graduates; newly licensed and practicing for decades; and who practice in home, birth center and in community clinics in both rural and urban settings.

Lancaster, Wisconsin

Item Writing workshop in Lancaster, WI.

Gena Reitano, CPM, LM and Sherry DeVries, CPM, CNM, LM hosted another Item Writing workshop September 16-17. The six participants did an incredible amount of work over the two day period in a picturesque country setting. These six CPMs represented experience levels from 2 years to 18 years and practice settings in both home and birth center and in both urban and rural areas.

The CPMs who participated in these workshops created potential exam questions, but also had the opportunity to review questions written during previous workshops. Everyone left with a new appreciation and understanding of the complexity of the process and the tremendous amount of work needed to create the NARM Exam. We strongly encourage all CPMs to participate in the NARM Exam development process whether Item Writing, Question Review or Cut Score workshop so that the exam reflects the voices of all CPMs and the unique experiences and perspective they bring to midwifery.

NARM thanks these midwives for their dedication and hard work in contributing to the test development process.

Upcoming workshops:

We are planning additional Item Writing Workshops in 2019 and will post details as soon as they are confirmed. All workshop attendees must be CPMs. NARM provides CEU credit hours at no cost to the participant.

If interested in hosting future workshops, please email for more information.

eBlast emailed October 24, 2018

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