MEAC Students and Graduates

Review the NARM CIB before proceeding to the application process.
Please use the Certemy portal for your application and fee payment.
Once you have met all your requirements for graduation from a MEAC-accredited program, you may apply for your NARM Examination and CPM through Certemy rather than submitting the printed applications below through the mail.
Be Advised

If you do not complete your MEAC-accredited program and change your application route to PEP, NARM requires all PEP clinicals to be signed off on NARM forms by a NARM Registered Preceptor.

Not all MEAC preceptors are NARM Registered Preceptors. There is no fee to register as a NARM Registered Preceptor, so we encourage all MEAC preceptors to register with NARM.

If you are unable to apply using Certemy, review and submit these MEAC Student/Graduate Application Forms:

If you are unable to use Certemy and you wish to pay with a credit card, you will receive an invoice by email with a direct link for credit card payment once your application has been received and logged in.