Preceptor Resources

NARM Registered Preceptors are a key part of the education of student midwives pursuing the CPM credential. Preceptors help students prepare to be midwives by providing learning opportunities and by helping students process their clinical experiences. Being an effective preceptor can be challenging, so NARM has gathered resources intended to prepare preceptors for this important work.

CEUs are available with some of these resources.

NARM Midwifery Preceptor Webinar

The NARM Board, with the assistance of GOLD Learning, created a webinar intended to help preceptors understand their responsibilities and NARM’s expectations for Registered Preceptors. NARM recommends all Registered Preceptors complete the NARM Midwifery Preceptor Webinar.

NARM Registered Preceptor Handbook

All NARM Registered Preceptors are required to read the NARM Registered Preceptor Handbook prior to submitting their preceptor application. This handbook is a valuable reference and includes Quarterly Evaluations, which serve as a useful communication tool for students and preceptors. The evaluations are not required, however they are very strongly recommended.

In addition to the NARM Midwifery Preceptor Webinar and the NARM Registered Preceptor Handbook, NARM has identified other resources preceptors may find helpful:

Academy of Continuing Education

Mercy in Action’s Navigating Ethical Student/Preceptor/Client Relationships

Mercy in Action has created a full online training course with graphics, videos, and resources, Navigating Ethical Student/Preceptor/Client Relationships, focused on creating and maintaining healthy relationships, working dynamics, and clinical environments for students, preceptor midwives, and the families they serve.

The Gift of Precepting

Frontier Nursing University has developed a 6-module course for preceptors, The Gift of Precepting.

One Minute Preceptor

Mentioned in the Frontier’s preceptor’s module is “One Minute Preceptor.” This is a 5 step concept that could benefit the preceptor’s and student’s clinical experience. There are numerous YouTube videos about the concept of One Minute Preceptor. This video, Take 5: One Minute Preceptor, provides an overview of the concept and an example of its application.

Midwife to Midwifery Instructor

This 22-minute long YouTube video outlines distinction between midwife skill set and Instructor skill set, gives tools for clinical instruction vs. academic instruction, reinforces the need for direct supervision and timeliness of signatures, and gives clear and compassionate tools on how to give feedback to students.

Meeting Student Needs: Strategies for Access & Success Across the Student Life Cycle

Hive CE has a webinar an equity in midwifery education webinar approved by MEAC for 1.5 hours of continuing education. This course may be especially beneficial for school administrators.

Developing Skills as a Preceptor

ACNM’s website has audio PowerPoint modules to assist preceptors in their skill development.

Preceptor/Student Work Agreements

Info coming soon!