Retire CPM Status

NARM offers the option for CPMs who are no longer desiring to maintain active certification to obtain CPM-Retired status This status can be obtained in lieu of becoming Inactive or Expired. Retired CPMs may use the title, CPM-Retired. CPMs who have received this status may not use the title “CPM” without the retired designation and may not practice midwifery using the CPM credential. However, CPMs with the designation CPM-Retired will remain in the CPM database and will receive mailings and eBlasts from NARM.

To choose the retirement status, the CPM must:

  • No longer be practicing and have held the CPM credential for at least 9 years,
  • Be over the age of 60, or
  • Have medical reasons such as illness or disability.

CPMs who meet at least one of the criteria above may take the Retired Status for a one-time application and payment of $70.


Please apply for Retirement using Certemy if at all possible. You may also pay the Retirement fee through Certemy.

Apply using a Form

If you are unable to use Certemy, fill out and submit this Retirement Application Form.

If you are unable to use Certemy and you wish to pay with a credit card, you will receive an invoice by email with a direct link for credit card payment once your application has been received and logged in.