Using Certemy for your Certification, Recertification, and Preceptor Applications

Online access is now available for all active, inactive and retired CPMs, preceptors, and current applicants-in-process (PEP coming later).

If you fall within one of these groups and do not already have your log-in, please email Applications, and they will send you the information you need to set up your account.

Important notes

  • Remember to always log in using the same email address you signed up with. You may change this email address at any time after your initial log-in.
  • Log into the new system any time to continue updating and maintaining your certifications.
  • Each time you log in, you will see how many steps (requirements) you must still complete and when those steps (requirements) are due.
  • The due dates assigned to each step will help you complete your renewal on time. You must complete all requirements by your certification expiration date to ensure timely renewal.
  • Certemy is the perfect place to store your CEUs until you are ready to actually apply for your recertification. Note, recertification can only be applied for within 90 days before expiration, not before.

What will the new system let you do?

Services that are currently available within the platform:

  • CPM Recertification
  • CPM Recertification After Expiration
  • CPM Recertification After Expiration- State Licensed
  • Preceptor Registration
  • Preceptor Renewal
  • Midwifery Bridge Certificate
  • Inactive Status
  • Retirement Status
  • MEAC Route (submission of MEAC Continuity of Care Form)
  • MEAC Route (Submission of Form 200-Chart Upload)
  • CNM/CM Route
  • State Licensed Route
  • UK Route
  • Examination Retake
  • Extension Request
  • Verification Letter Release Form
  • Submission of all associated fees
  • Print Digital Certificates
If you do not see these forms in your Certemy Portal, please contact for the link.

WAIT, what about initial CPM Applications? PEP?

PEP is not currently available, but is under construction.  Keep an eye on your email inbox for further announcements!

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