Inactive Policy Update & 2022 Exam Statistics for Midwives and Nurses

Midwifery Certification Exam Statistics Every year candidates prepare for certification exams after years of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. In every industry, some candidates will not pass despite their best efforts, quality of training and lengthy educational preparation. Fortunately, most candidates will pass and go on to pursue their desired career. Recently, we looked at […]

NARM Testing Update, June 2021

NARM Announces New Testing Company! The NARM Examination has been administered via Computer Based Testing since June 2014. NARM contracted with PROV to access their testing site centers as well as administer the exam via Live Remote Proctoring. Although our partnership has been mutually beneficial for many years, the time has come to begin a […]

Live Remote Proctoring for the NARM Exam is Available!

As you know, most of the usual NARM test sites are closed, and many applicants are also in states with shelter-in-place orders. This situation has delayed the testing part of the CPM certification process for the past three weeks and for what could be several months to come. NARM submitted an application to the National […]

Response to NARM Examination Site Closures

During the past two weeks, the sites that administer the NARM exam have been gradually closing due to the COVID-19 virus. Between the closure of Colleges and Universities where most of our testing sites are located and the shelter-in-place orders in more and more states, there are very few test sites still accepting candidates. It is likely to […]

Thank you to the CPMs who participated in the Oakland, CA workshop!

Thank you to Kiki Jordan LM CPM, Pearl Yu LM CPM, and Anjali Sardeshmukh LM CPM for hosting the NARM Examination Development workshop on June 22-23, 2019 in Oakland, CA! There were ten participants—eight local midwives and two from out-of-state—plus three NARM Board members. During this two-day workshop, participants learned the multi-step process for the […]

Thank you to all the CPMs who participated in the March NARM Question Writing Workshop!

Thank you to the fourteen CPMs who gathered in Blue Springs, Missouri, on March 4-5, 2019 to write questions for the NARM Examination. Coming from both Missouri and Kansas just hours after a snowstorm, these women braved single digit temperatures to gather in Rachel Williston’s warm home to work together! Each question created requires references […]

Thank you . . .

. . . to all the CPMs who participated in the Cut Score Workshop to Set the Passing Score at MANA 2018! Twelve participants scored over 350 questions in Portland, ME during this all day workshop to set the passing standard (cut score) for the NARM Examination. The Cut Score workshop is one part of […]

Revised Test Specifications

The Test Specifications for the NARM Examination taken after January 1, 2019 are now available online. The changes are primarily organizational to reduce redundancy, so skills are listed in only one section rather than several. In addition, Domain 1 now includes Professional Issues. This latest revision of the NARM Examination Test Specifications was developed using […]