NARM Preceptor/Student Accountability

Effective June 1, 2021, with initial preceptor registration or preceptor renewal, NARM requires that all Registered Preceptors develop a written work agreement that clearly defines expectations for the student, as well as for the Preceptor. NARM has found the most common difficulty in the preceptor/student relationship is typically poor communication about the responsibilities each person has over the course of the apprenticeship. A clearly written agreement is an indispensable resource to both the student and the preceptor if a dispute occurs.

NARM does not directly supervise the preceptor/student relationship. The NARM Preceptor/Student Accountability process is intended to address issues related to integrity, conduct, and the upholding of written and signed preceptor/student work agreements. NARM strongly suggests the student and preceptor adhere to these agreements, including regular review of the student’s progress, and address any issues in a timely fashion. If the student or preceptor identify deficiencies but continue to work under conditions contradicting the signed work agreement, NARM reserves the right not to address a related complaint through the accountability process.

NARM has created a Preceptor/Student Agreement Template as a starting point. You can view the template here. The agreement can also be adapted to fit your practice by downloading and editing this Word document.

Preceptor/Student Complaint Review Process

Complaints regarding the preceptor/student relationship will be considered through the NARM Preceptor/Accountability Committee. This committee includes at least three NARM Registered Preceptors and one Student Advocate.

If you are a student coming through the PEP route with a concern regarding your preceptor, or a preceptor with a concern about your student coming through the PEP route, you may submit your complaint here. 

If you are a student enrolled in a MEAC-accredited program or a preceptor of a MEAC student, contact MEAC regarding their accountability process.

Complaints will undergo an initial evaluation to determine whether the complaint is within the purview of the NARM Preceptor/Student Accountability Process, such as complaints regarding allegations of abuse, refusal to uphold contractual agreements.

Some complaints are for allegations that warrant automatic referral to the NARM Board for the Grievance Mechanism, such as allegations of preceptors signing off on clinical experiences they did not witness or student falsification of their NARM paperwork. If the NARM Preceptor/Student Accountability Committee receives more than one complaint against a preceptor or student, the second complaint is automatically referred to the Grievance Mechanism.

Complaint Review

Once it is determined that the complaint will be heard through the NARM Preceptor/Student Accountability Process, the parties involved in the complaint will be contacted to schedule a date for Complaint Review and to request any documentation the committee feels will be necessary for the review process.

The Complaint Review process can result in:

  • Dismissal of complaint (no violations found)
  • Warning/Probation
  • Referral to Grievance
  • Mechanism after committee review if appropriate
Grievance Mechanism

The Grievance Mechanism can result in:

  • Required remediation
  • Loss of preceptor status
  • Termination of a student’s NARM application
Complaint Review Process Flow Chart