Preceptor/Student Accountability Committee Application

NARM does not directly supervise the preceptor/student relationship. The NARM Preceptor/Student Accountability process is intended to address issues related to integrity, conduct, and the upholding of written and signed preceptor/student work agreements. The NARM board considers applications for service on the NARM Preceptor/Student Accountability Committee after submission of an application and after an interview on Zoom. The NARM Preceptor/Student Accountability Committee is comprised of three NARM Registered Preceptors and one Student Advocate.

Preceptor Committee Members must be CPMs and have current NARM Registered Preceptor status. Preference is given to applicants who have been a CPM for at least three years and who have been involved in their state, regional, or national midwifery associations. Term length for the Preceptor Committee Members is three years. Terms are staggered and the initial Preceptor Committee Members’ terms will be one, two, or three years. Members may serve additional terms.

The Student Advocate Member’s duty is to support the student through the Accountability process. They will advocate for the student through Complaint Review and the Grievance process, as applicable. The Student Advocate ideally would be a CPM who recently completed the PEP. They may serve one 3-year term as the Student Advocate. Upon completion of their term, they may be considered for the role of one of the preceptor members of the committee, so long as they are a NARM Registered Preceptor at that time.

All members of the NARM Preceptor/Student Accountability are volunteers. Members will have their CPM recertification fee waived after completion of two years of service on the committee. Recertification fees will continue to be waived for the remainder of the time they serve on the committee after their initial two years of service.

The Chair of the NARM Preceptor/Student Accountability Committee will coordinate the work of the committee. They will be responsible for organizing Complaint Review meetings or referring cases to the NARM Board for the Grievance process. They assure outcome letters are sent to the NARM Board. The committee will submit a quarterly report to the NARM Board regarding how the committee is functioning, as well as the status of any open cases and outcomes of completed cases.

There are not always openings on the Committee at the time of interview, but applications will be held for consideration when there is an opening.

If you are interested in serving on this Committee, please fill out and submit the following form: