Another year comes to a close…and somehow we find ourselves several weeks into a new one. We take a moment to look back at the past 12 months.
April 2022: More Preceptor Resources!

The future of midwifery relies upon training new midwives. This is an essential task, and NARM wants to ensure that preceptors have the tools and training to best serve midwifery students and the future families who desire midwifery care.

NARM updated the Resource list for Preceptors and added a template to aid Preceptors and Students in creating a written work agreement.

August 2022: Overview of the History of Preceptor-Student Relationship Tools
NARM has been working on tools for improving the relationships between Preceptors and Students for decades and continues to strive for healthy and ethical midwifery training. In August, we provided a timeline of that evolutionary process. Read more here.
September 2022: Launched the Preceptor-Student Accountability

Although we have recognized the challenges with Preceptor-Student relationships in the past, we have not had a mechanism to address the issues in the same way we have had with the Client/CPM relationship. We launched a mechanism based upon the current Accountability process to create a forum where grievances can be voiced between Preceptors and PEP Students.

We have had several meetings to create documentation and provide training. We will have an update in Spring 2023.

October 2022: NRP Survey

The survey was opened October 28th, and over 400 CPMs and students responded. Over 95% of the respondents were CPMs.

Every year NARM gets emails and phone calls from midwives who describe the challenges of getting NRP training in their communities. In response to these concerns, NARM conducted a survey to get a better understanding from the entire CPM community of what barriers to NRP courses exist and which communities are most impacted.

We were pleasantly surprised to learn that the vast majority of CPMs are able to regularly access NRP instruction. Furthermore, CPMs reported that the NRP instruction is available in the community, rather than hospital, setting.

We appreciated that there appear to be more NRP Instructors than we expected. Thank you to all those instructors who are helping CPMs continue to be prepared for attending community births. Look for an NRP resource list on the website soon!

Appreciation for Outgoing Board Chair, Miriam Khalsa!

We want to express our gratitude to outgoing NARM Board Chair, Miriam Khalsa, CPM-Retired, LM. Miriam will continue to serve the board as a consultant and Emerita Board Member.

Miriam attended homebirths in Massachusetts from 1981 through 2013. She was a founding member of the Massachusetts Midwives Alliance (MMA) and served on its board in various positions for eighteen years. She co-chaired the MMA Legislative Committee, represented MMA on the Partners in Perinatal Health board for fourteen years, and served as an instructor for the MMA Basic Course in Midwifery Skills.

She has been on the Board of the North American Registry of Midwives since January 2007 serving as Director of Policy and Procedures and as Chair. Miriam moved back to her home state of California in 2013 and became a Licensed Midwife through the California Challenge. She is a volunteer firefighter in her small northern California community and volunteers as an EMT for a rural ambulance service. Both of her children were born at home with the help of midwives.

We are grateful beyond words for her years of service. We appreciate Miriam’s contributions to midwifery, the lives of the many families she has served, the NARM Board and most of all, to those of us who know and love her, the difference she has made in our lives for too many years to count. Namaste, dear Miriam.

eBlast emailed January 30, 2023

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