NARM Job Analysis 2023

As you may know, NARM follows a process every 7-8 years to survey CPMs about their practices. This survey is called the Job Analysis. The survey results guide NARM in determining the knowledge and skills needed for certification. The next Job Analysis survey will be done in the latter part of 2023, but the preparation work is beginning soon.

The first step is to create a Task Force that will work to expand the possible knowledge and skills that may have become part of the essential CPM activities in the past 7-8 years. The Task Force will work in groups and individually during March, April, and May to develop the survey.

All CPMs will have an opportunity to participate in the survey next fall, but the Task Force begins work this Spring.  We vision for a diverse group of CPMs, demographically, geographically, and in years of practice.

If you want to be a part of this Task Force, please email Ida Darragh, CPM at

Welcome New Board Chair, Kim Pekin!

Kim Pekin has served as NARM’s Director of Professional Development for seven years. We are grateful she can step into this new role as the Board Chair to serve the mission of NARM and the CPMs we credential.

been a CPM since 2009 and a NARM Board member since 2015. She is a Licensed Midwife in Virginia and recently became a Registered Nurse. Kim owns two CABC-accredited birth centers in Virginia. She has served as the chair of the Virginia Board of Medicine’s Midwifery Advisory Board, is a former CABC Commissioner, and currently serves as a member of the Virginia Newborn Screening Advisory Council. Kim and her husband Barry have seven children and live in the Northern Virginia/DC suburbs.

eBlast emailed February 6, 2023

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