Results from the NARM NRP Survey!

Every year NARM gets emails and phone calls from midwives who describe the challenges of getting NRP training in their communities. In response to these concerns, NARM conducted a survey to get a better understanding from the entire CPM community of what barriers to NRP courses exist and which communities are most impacted.

The survey was opened October 28th, and over 400 CPMs and students responded. Over 95% of the respondents were CPMs. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that the vast majority of CPMs are able to regularly access NRP instruction. Furthermore, CPMs reported that the NRP instruction is available in the community, rather than hospital setting.

We appreciated that there appear to be more NRP Instructors than we expected. Thank you to all those instructors who are helping CPMs continue to be prepared for attending community births.

Although we acknowledge many CPMs have difficulties accessing NRP in their community, we maintain that the importance of requiring the full NRP program (Online written exam and Skills testing) to uphold a standard of CPM skill outweighs the challenges individuals may face. For those CPMs who continue to experience difficulties in accessing NRP, we encourage you to reach out to your local CPMs or state professional organizations to find NRP courses to fulfill recertification requirements. In the upcoming weeks, we will offer a resource list of Community Based NRP Instructors here.

NARM NRP Policy updates
Skills Testing NRP Requirement:

As announced in March 2022,  the COVID related exemption of NRP Skills testing (hands on portion) expires January 1, 2023.

  • NRP cards issued after January 1, 2023 will be required to have the complete documentation of NRP (Online written exam and Skills testing).

NARM will continue to accept unexpired NRP cards as meeting the NRP Requirement for certification and recertification applications. However, NARM strongly encourages having the complete NRP program (Online written exam and Skills testing) so CPMs are best prepared to meet the needs of their clients.

NRP Advanced Requirement:

With the NRP 8th edition update in 2021, the AAP has created two course pathways for providers (see details highlighted below). NARM acknowledges that some of the advanced skills such as IO administration of newborn medications and Umbilical Vein Catheterization are not essential for CPMs who attend Community based births, however we recognize that completion of the NRP Advanced course is important to have a basic understanding of the full AAP NRP algorithm.

  • NRP Advanced is required effective March 1, 2023 for certification or recertification.

NARM will continue to accept unexpired NRP Essentials (plus BLS for Health Care Providers) as meeting the NRP Requirement for certification and recertification applications after March 1, 2023. However, NARM encourages taking NRP Advanced, if available prior to March 1, 2023.

Highlights of 8th Edition AAP NRP:

There are two levels of NRP provider learning: 

  • NRP Essentials (Lessons 1–4) Includes skills through face-mask ventilation and laryngeal mask insertion.
  • NRP Advanced (Lessons 1–11) Includes chest compressions and resuscitation skills for term and preterm newborns.

Read complete details of 8th edition NRP program here.

More Reminders
NARM’s Renewal Deadline

In recent years, expiration dates of Certifications have been the CPM’s birth date. However, NARM has provided a grace period from the actual birth date through the end of the birth month.

With integration of the Certemy portal, this grace period has been phased out. Effective June 1, 2022, expiration dates will now be the actual date listed for Certification or Preceptor Registration.

NARM’s Online Application Program

Have you registered with Certemy yet? Certemy is the online portal used for certification, recertification, and preceptor applications. System access is available for all active, inactive, and retired CPMs, preceptors, and current applicants-in-process with the exception of PEP. In December 2020, NARM sent an email with information on how to log in to the Certemy system. If you haven’t logged in or need assistance, please email

eBlast emailed December 20, 2022

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