. . . to all the CPMs who participated in the Cut Score Workshop to Set the Passing Score at MANA 2018!

Twelve participants scored over 350 questions in Portland, ME during this all day workshop to set the passing standard (cut score) for the NARM Examination. The Cut Score workshop is one part of the NARM test development process which also includes Item/Question Writing workshops and Item/Question Review workshops.

Gerald A. Rosen, Psychometrician, giving instructions

What Happened at the Workshop?

During the Cut Score workshop current CPMs rate questions on how likely a competent, but entry-level, midwife would answer it correctly. These scores were averaged to determine the passing score for the next version of the NARM Examination which includes these items/questions.

This is a standard process used to set passing scores on many certification exams, including the NARM Examination. Click here for more information.

Contact us at 888-842-4784 if you have further questions.

eBlast emailed November 20, 2018

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