Revised Test Specifications

The Test Specifications for the NARM Examination taken after January 1, 2019 are now available online. The changes are primarily organizational to reduce redundancy, so skills are listed in only one section rather than several. In addition, Domain 1 now includes Professional Issues.

This latest revision of the NARM Examination Test Specifications was developed using the results of the NARM Job Analysis completed by CPMs in 2016. NARM performs a Job Analysis regularly so the CPM credential accurately reflects the knowledge and skills required for the competent practice of midwifery in out-of-hospital settings. The Skills Verification Form 201a (Comprehensive Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities) also reflects the 2016 NARM Job Analysis results.

If you plan to take the NARM Examination after January 1, 2019, NARM strongly urges you to thoroughly review the newest NARM Examination Test Specifications and their associated reference lists to prepare for successful completion of the CPM Certification Examination process.

The NARM Examination Test Specifications are located in the Candidate Information Booklet (CIB).

If you have any questions, contact us via email or phone 888-842-4784.

eBlast emailed October 3 and November 15, 2018

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