NRP Survey

Every year NARM gets emails and phone calls from midwives who describe challenges in getting NRP and CPR training in their communities. In recent years, due to COVID-related closures, those emails and calls have increased.

Due to the current difficulty finding in-person NRP Instructor-led courses, NARM will accept the verification of passing the NRP Essentials (Lessons 1-4) exam without the hands-on class until January 1, 2023.

Later this year, NARM will be sending out a brief survey to poll CPMs about their ability to take NRP and CPR in their communities. We want to get a better understanding from the entire CPM community what barriers to NRP and CPR courses exist and which communities are most impacted. Please watch your email inboxes for the survey this Fall!

Preceptor/Student Relationship Tools

NARM has been working on tools for improving the relationships between Preceptors and Students and continues to strive for healthy and ethical midwifery training.

  • 2017: All NARM Preceptors were required to be registered before supervising any clinicals documented on a student’s NARM application.
  • 2018: NARM partnered with GOLD learning and launched a webinar to provide guidance on how to become a Registered NARM Preceptor, an overview of preceptor and student responsibilities, a review of the NARM Application process and documentation of clinical skills, and an exploration of the ethical considerations for the preceptor/student relationship.
  • 2020: The Cultural Awareness requirements were revised, so that Registered Preceptors must complete a cultural awareness course with every renewal application.
  • 2021: NARM compiled a list of Preceptor Resources to help improve the Preceptor/Student relationship.
  • 2021: All NARM Preceptors were required to have a written agreement with their student that outlines the course of study, timelines, and guidelines to ensure expectations are understood by both parties.
  • COMING SOON in 2022: NARM is creating a Preceptor/Student Work Agreement Template to facilitate the conversations and provide an outline for the written agreement.
  • COMING SOON in 2022: Preceptor/Student Accountability process for PEP students overseen by a committee of preceptors and student advocates.

Preceptor/Student Accountability Process

As you may know, NARM has an Accountability process for clients to file complaints about CPMs, but in recent years we have also received complaints regarding the Preceptor/Student relationships. Although we have recognized the challenges with those relationships, we have not had a mechanism to address the issues in the same way that we have had with Client/CPM relationship. We are in the process of developing that mechanism based upon the current Accountability process to create a forum where grievances can be voiced.

NARM is looking for volunteers for the Preceptor/Student Accountability Committee!

We need three experienced preceptors and one Student Advocate for the new Preceptor/Student Accountability Committee. The Student Advocate should be a new CPM who has recently been certified through the PEP process.

Please send your letter of interest to and put “Preceptor/Student Accountability Committee” in the subject line.

NARM’s New Renewal Deadline

In recent years, expiration dates of Certifications have been the CPM’s birth date. However, NARM has provided a grace period from the actual birth date through the end of the birth month.

With integration of the Certemy portal, this grace period is being phased out. Effective June 1, 2022, expiration dates will now be the actual date listed for Certification or Preceptor Registration.

NARM’s New Online Application Program

Have you registered with Certemy? Certemy is the new online program to process Certification, Recertification, and Preceptor applications. In December 2020, NARM sent an email with information on how to log in to the Certemy system. If you haven’t logged in or need assistance, please email

eBlast emailed July 5, 2022

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