NARM Testing Updates, December 2020

NARM Exam Live Remote Proctoring

Early in the Spring, when all testing sites were closed due to the pandemic, NARM worked to create alternative testing options so credentialing of CPMs could could continue. NARM was able to receive a waiver from our accrediting agency to offer Live Remote Proctoring through Examroom to allow candidates to test from a home computer.

Candidates are able to choose whether to test on a home computer or to travel to one of the available on-site testing centers. We expect that the option for Live Remote Proctoring will continue for several months (perhaps indefinitely), and that more on-site testing centers will become available based on local guidelines for business or school closures.

Initially, there were some technical challenges between the Examroom system and the home computers but those have been reduced, and most candidates have been able to easily connect with their computers and phones.

The first candidates to test using this process tested on May 4, 2020. As of December 3, 2020, 201 candidates have taken the exam; 168 via Examroom and 33 in on-site testing centers.

We’re also happy to announce that the Examroom systems will now work with both the iPhone and the Android phones!

Thanks to everyone for their patience and persistence as we found multiple ways to work through the limitations imposed by COVID-19 restrictions!

NACPM Bigger Table Fund: Financial Awards for NARM Exam and Licensing fees

We also want to take this opportunity to make CPM candidates aware of The Bigger Table Fund (BTF) offered by NACPM. The BTF provides financial awards for student midwives of color, Indigenous and/or LGBTQ+ student midwives for initial NARM exam fees, Retake fees, and state licensing fees.

For more information on applying for the BTF, click here.

For more information —

Contact us via 888-842-4784 or

eBlast emailed December 10, 2020

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