The NARM Board of Directors is committed to the ongoing professional development of CPMs to ensure the best outcomes for the families they serve. NARM recognizes it is not just clinical skills such as neonatal resuscitation which require ongoing training to sustain competency but also interpersonal skills such as cultural awareness and non-violent communication that must be maintained by repeated opportunities for education and improvement.

NARM currently requires all initial CPM applicants to submit proof of a Cultural Awareness course. NARM has now updated the Cultural Awareness requirement for CPMs and will require all CPMs to complete a workshop, module, or course on Cultural Awareness every three years as part of the application for Recertification. This policy is effective for CPM recertification starting January 1, 2022.

In addition, although most Registered Preceptors are CPMs, we recognize some are LMs, CNMs, or other health care providers. Given the influence on and responsibility for training new midwives, NARM has extended this policy to include Registered Preceptors. Cultural humility is critical so our preceptors are sensitive to the needs of all midwifery students and will train future midwives to serve all families appropriately.

All Registered Preceptors will now be required to complete a workshop, module, or course on Cultural Awareness with every application and renewal beginning January 1, 2022.

A newly expanded list of Cultural Awareness courses is available on this page.

eBlast emailed November 12, 2020

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