Statement on Applications Department Delays

We are all aware of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Although the situation continues to evolve rapidly, NARM remains fully committed to protecting our certification process while pursuing the completion of our work in a safe, diligent, and reasonable manner.

We are currently experiencing staffing challenges in our Applications office due to the requirement of social distancing as well as infection exposure/quarantine. Employees are doing what they can virtually, but we anticipate our productivity may be negatively impacted by the cumulative effect of this outbreak, and we recognize there is a strong likelihood we will encounter delays as a result.

We suggest submission of paperwork as early as possible as you consider timelines for processing any part of your application, recertification, testing, preceptor registration, CPM Verification, etc. Please allow additional time for meeting the requirements of these processes including the possibility of corrections.

If you are requesting extensions, please be prepared to provide documentation necessary for consideration. These extensions will be reviewed on an individual basis.

For your reference, typical timelines prior to COVID-19 were—

  • PEP Applications (Phases 1-3) should be submitted four months prior to anticipated testing date for the NARM Examination to allow for processing. Applications through other routes should be submitted at least two months prior to anticipated testing date. (CIB Page 20)
  • The test results letter will be sent as an email from ProvExam within three business days of completing the exam. (CIB Page 21)
  • NARM will send official notification of test results and any remaining requirements for certification within three weeks of testing. Candidates are responsible for sending NARM any address changes. (CIB Page 23)
  • The CPM Certification will be issued after all requirements have been met. (CIB Page 23)
  • The recertification application is due by the end of the month in which the current certification period ends. (Recert App Page 2)
  • Applications for recertification received earlier than 90 days before expiration will not be accepted. (Recert App Page 2)

Update on Virtual Clinical Experiences

As announced earlier this year, NARM will allow two virtual clinicals to apply to the Continuity of Care clinical requirements for CPM candidates for each Continuity of Care Client: one prenatal in the final trimester and one postpartum done anytime between 24 hours and six weeks post birth. Guidelines for documentation are available at

Due to the increasing need for preceptors, we have expanded this decision to apply to NARM Preceptor Registrants.

NARM has extended this allowance to be in place for clinicals between March 1 and DECEMBER 31, 2020.

Extensions or modifications will be at the discretion of the NARM Board of Directors.

For more information —

Contact us via 888-842-4784 or

If you call one of the NARM offices, it is important you leave an informative message so we can route the question or concern to the appropriate staff person.

eBlast emailed July 16, 2020


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