NARM Booth at the National Conference of State Legislatures in Los Angeles, CA

Trish Doyle, MP, Australia with NARM representative Rachel Fox-Tierney, CPM, LM

This summer NARM continued the tradition of representing CPMs at the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL). This annual convention brings together state and international legislators to network as well attend sessions to improve their skills and ability to serve their constituents. NARM had a booth in the exhibition hall along with a variety of other organizations to create opportunities to meet with legislators and educate them on the CPM process. We talked with legislators from all over the country and even a member of the Australian Parliament who had a home birth herself!

We were very encouraged by several legislators who expressed their interest in supporting or proposing state CPM legislation. We hope this dialogue continues with the local midwives in their home states. We were greeted by many attendees coming to our booth to talk about their support of midwives in their home state, personally and professionally. We even had a dad talk about how he caught his baby when the baby arrived before their midwife. Of course some just wanted the dark chocolate we were giving out!

Assemblywoman Michaelle C. Solages, NY with NARM Representatives Debbie Pulley, CPM and Rachel Fox-Tierney, CPM, LM

Finally, we had many questions about the types of midwives in the US and the Midwives Model of Care from consumers and legislators alike. It is the ever present reminder that our work as midwives to inform families and legislators about who we are and what we do is a seemingly never ending task, which is precisely why we attend these events. Every question and expression of interest was an opportunity for us to not only educate them on the CPM credential but the heart and spirit of midwifery. We were met with new understanding of midwifery and authentic interest that gives us hope for the families’ options for midwifery in the future.

eBlast emailed August 30, 2018

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