Happy Birthday NARM!

NARM is proud to announce that, on November 11, 2019, we celebrate our 25th anniversary of credentialing CPMs!

Although the work to create a credentialing process began in the 1980s, the first CPMs were not credentialed until 1994. The initial certificants were midwives with extensive experience, most of whom had served as Subject Matter Experts for the development of the examination and the certification process.

The history of the CPM and NARM is outlined here.

The First NARM CPM

In 1994, the first midwife to receive the CPM credential was Abby J. Kinne (1944-2011). You can read more here about her life and legacy.

Look How We’ve Grown!

What began as a small group of just 3 midwives earning a CPM credential in 1994 has grown to 3423 CPM credentials issued by the end of 2018. With several hundred more midwives added to the registry every year, we look forward to nearly 4000 CPMs by the end of 2020.

Thank You!

Without the support of countless midwives who have contributed to NARM, the CPM credential would not be the thriving competency-based credential it is today. Every U.S. state that regulates CPMs uses the NARM Examination. This exam has been co-created by CPMs and continues to be updated through participation in the Test Development process. Every CPM plays an essential role in the development and future of the CPM credential

As we celebrate 25 years of credentialing with recognition of CPMs in 34 states, we look forward to many more years of CPMs in every state with a midwife for every family.

eBlast emailed November 11, 2019

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