Thank you to all the CPMs who Participated in the June Item Writing Workshop!

Thank you to this great group of midwives who participated in the Item Writing workshop June 18-19 at Mary Anne Richardson’s in Tennessee!

Group Picture

Midwives came from Tennessee, Arkansas, North Carolina, Louisiana, Kentucky, Alabama and Missouri. Thirteen CPMs worked for two days to craft over 30 potential questions for the NARM Examination.

Great work contributing to OUR credential!

Tennessee was a bit too far? Come join us at one of the upcoming Item Writing workshops!

Every midwife’s voice needs to be heard and their experiences shared to continue to update the NARM Examination. Participation by CPMs in the development of test questions is not just a wonderful way to spend time with other midwives, it is essential to the reliability and validity of the Certified Professional Midwife credential. Come join us, write some questions, and get 14 CEUs!

If you are a CPM, please consider attending one of these or hosting one in your area:

  • September 7-8, 2018, Davis, CA
  • September 16-17, 2018 in Lancaster, WI

If you are interested in participating . . .

. . . in any of these workshops, please email for more information.

eBlast emailed July 11, 2018

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