As you may know, NARM follows a process every 6-8 years to survey CPMs about their practices. This survey is called the Job Analysis. The survey results guide NARM in determining the knowledge and skills needed for certification. The next Job Analysis survey will be done by the end of 2023, but the preparation work is beginning soon.

The first step was to create a Task Force that will work to expand the possible knowledge and skills that may have become part of the essential CPM activities in the past 6-8 years. The Task Force has been working to develop the survey.

CPMs please watch your email inboxes this fall opportunity to participate in the survey!

The Alliance for Innovation and Maternal Health Community Birth Webinar

The Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health, or AIM, is a national, cross-sector commitment designed to support best practices to improve maternal health outcomes. AIM develops multidisciplinary, clinical-condition specific patient safety bundles. This month they invited Community Birth Providers to attend a free webinar to understand AIM and application of their Patient Safety Bundles. Although the live event has passed, the webinar is still available to view. 2 CEU’s available through August 2025. Click here for more information.

Ask NARM: Does This Count as a Transport?

Social media platforms like Facebook are a hotbed of conversation among students trying to navigate the requirements of midwifery training and preceptorships. In addition, the NARM Applications office fields dozens of phone calls from confused students with questions that generally start with, “Does THIS count…?” Starting this month, we will answer the most frequently asked question of the month.

One of the top questions that NARM receives is “what is a transport?” For some the definition is clear, but many students find this to be confusing. According to the CIB:

Transport: Transfer of care during labor to another primary caregiver including labor management, the birth including the placenta, and immediate postpartum care. In the case of transfer the student must remain with the client through the birth (if possible), and continue to be present through the immediate postpartum period. The supervising preceptor must be present until transfer of care has occurred. The student’s presence must be documented on the client’s chart in the transport notes.

Thank you all for taking up the challenge of midwifery training and bringing midwifery to the next generation of families.

NARM 2022 Annual Report Available

The annual report is a requirement of the National Commission on Certifying Agencies (NCCA), the organization the accredits NARM. The NARM CPM credential is evaluated yearly for adherence to the national standards for competency-based certification. This report gives a summary of NARM projects, the accountability process, and the NARM Applications report. Read it here.

Your NARM Certemy Portal…Lots of Good stuff!

Have you registered with Certemy yet? If not, you don’t know what you are missing! Certemy is the online portal that stores your files and is used for certification, recertification, and preceptor applications. You can quickly find your expiration dates for your CPM and Preceptor Registration. It even stores copies of your certificates! System access is available for all active, inactive, and retired CPMs, NARM Registered Preceptors, and current applicants-in-process with the exception of PEP.

If you haven’t logged in or need assistance, please email

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