Testing Site Closures and CPR/NRP Certification Extensions

NARM is aware that the COVID-19 virus is causing significant limitations in travel as well as cancellations of CPR and NRP courses and possible closures of testing sites.

NARM has been in communication with PROV, the company that administers the computer-based NARM Exam. They are diligently contacting all scheduled testing sites and notifying candidates of the availability of the sites. However, testing sites are in Colleges and Universities, and their schedules may change with little notice.

If you are scheduled to take the NARM Exam in the next few weeks or during the time when information is still in flux, be sure to check with PROV or with your test site to confirm cancellations. You will not be charged any penalties for rescheduling if your test site is closed or if you are sick during this period. A delay in testing under these conditions will not result in penalties related to NARM deadlines.

If your CPR or NRP courses are cancelled and your certification or recertification is due, please send your NARM paperwork as appropriate with a note explaining the delay in obtaining those courses, and you will be contacted about an extension in your deadline. Consistent with the AAP’s recommendation, for those individuals whose NRP expiration date falls in March, April, or May of 2020, we are extending recognition of an NRP card beyond its recommended renewal date for up to 60 days.

More information about these situations will be conveyed via eblast as needed.

If you have additional questions, please contact us via email at info@narm.org or call us at 888-842-4784.

eBlast emailed March 18, 2020

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