Recertification After Expiration

Expired CPM

A CPM will be considered expired on their expiration date if they have not recertified, declared Inactive Status, or declared Retired Status.

Within the 90 days after expiration, they may recertify (and their CPM Status will be restored with their original expiration date), declare Inactive Status, or declare Retired Status.

Recertification after Expired Status

Should an expired CPM decide to reactivate certification, they will be required to submit evidence of the following on Recertification after Expiration Form 610:

  • attendance at five births within five years of reapplication
  • thirty contact hours in the last three years, including five hours of peer review as defined in the Reactivation packet
  • current CPR and NRP (read FAQ for details)
  • attendance at a cultural awareness workshop

Once the Recertification after Expiration Form 610 is completed, please submit it along with the Reactivation fee as instructed on the form.

To reactivate from an expired status, the midwife will be required to retake the NARM Examination or submit a copy of their current state midwifery license or AMCB Certification. The NARM Examination will be scheduled after the Recertification after Expiration Form 610 is approved.

Click here for a pdf file of the Recertification after Expiration Form.