Revocation of Certification

NARM CPM Revocations

The NARM Certified Professional Midwife credential may be revoked for the following reasons:
  • Falsification of Application or Recertification information to NARM or fraudulent use of the CPM credential to the public.
  • Failure to participate in the Grievance Mechanism or to abide by the conditions set as a result of the Grievance Mechanism.
  • Infractions of the Non-Disclosure policy, which threaten the security of the NARM Examinations.
  • If the Grievance Mechanism determines that the CPM acted with dishonesty, did not use appropriate informed consent with the client, or that negligent or fraudulent actions compromised the well being of a client or client’s baby, the CPM credential must be revoked.

Revoked midwives may no longer refer to themselves as a NARM CPM, Certified Professional Midwife, or CPM and are advised to honestly and responsibly inform current and prospective clients that their CPM credential has been revoked. 

The North American Registry of Midwives Board has revoked the CPM credential for the following midwives:

  • Valerie El Halta, 2000
  • Scherrill Malone, 2003
  • Bridgett Ciupka, 2004
  • Diane Fristoe, 2009
  • Jill Colin, 2010
  • Jennifer Woodmansee, 2012
  • Cindy Morrow, 2022
  • Vicki Johnson, 2022
  • Elizabeth Williams, 2022
  • Nicole Oney Young, 2023

NARM Registered Preceptor Revocations

A midwife whose CPM is revoked is prohibited from serving as preceptor for NARM certification applicants. NARM will not accept an applicant’s experience or skills documentation if it was verified by a midwife whose CPM has been revoked.

For a list of revoked NARM Registered Preceptors, click here.