Preceptor/Student Accountability Complaint Form

The NARM Preceptor/Student Accountability process will review complaints regarding allegations of abuse, refusal to uphold contractual agreements, allegations of preceptor signing off on clinical experiences they did not witness, preceptor withholding signatures on NARM paperwork, or student falsification of signatures on NARM application forms.

The committee’s purview is limited to NARM Registered Preceptors and students pursuing the NARM PEP application process. Complaints related to MEAC school preceptors or students enrolled in MEAC-accredited programs should be referred to the student’s MEAC program and its own accountability process. Complaints will be accepted from students and preceptors only.

If your complaint fits these guidelines, the NARM Preceptor/Student Accountability Committee will review your complaint. If it is determined that the complaint is within the NARM Preceptor/Student Accountability Committee’s purview, you will be contacted for further documentation and to schedule a Complaint Review meeting.