How to File a Complaint with NARM

If you, as a client, received care from a CPM or CPM applicant and believe you did not receive competent care, or if you, as a witness, have concerns about care given and have the client’s permission, please follow these steps to file a complaint with NARM.

  • The person making the complaint (this can be the client or can be someone who witnessed the situation) must write a complaint describing the care received and the reasons for believing the care was incompetent.
  • The client must submit:
    • a Medical Records Release form for each midwife and/or doctor who provided care and a
    • Confidentiality Agreement
  • The client must be willing to participate in the NARM Disciplinary Process.

Complaint by the client

Complaint by a witness

Important Information

  • A complaint against a CPM or CPM applicant may only be made by a client or a party with direct knowledge of the cause for concern.
  • Complaints must be received by NARM within 24 months of the date of the last care provided by the CPM or CPM applicant.
  • A signed Records Release and Confidentiality Agreement from the client must be received before a complaint can be processed. If they not received within two weeks of the initial complaint, the complaint will be closed.
  • A CPM or CPM applicant is required to participate in the NARM Disciplinary Process. Failure or refusal to participate will result in loss or denial of the CPM credential.

What to Expect

Read this pdf file to understand what a client can expect from the NARM Disciplinary Process once the complaint and records release are received. A complete list of policies regarding the NARM Accountability Process can be found in the Candidate Information Booklet.