Community Peer Review

Community Peer Review is routine, confidential, professional, non-punitive, and educational.

All NARM Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs) and CPM applicants are encouraged to attend local, routine Community Peer Review. Having an established Community Peer Review provides a stable environment for professional resources and support. Beyond community support lie the professional ethical concerns. Confidential peer review adds validity to the certification process and is required in many medical settings.

Consumers should know that their practitioner participates in peer review, and that, if a concern is raised, there is a platform for discussion and follow-up. Other health care practitioners can also know and recognize the professionalism involved in maintaining Community Peer Review.

HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules

HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules are intended to enforce standards of ethics and confidentiality. NARM recommends that all CPMs address HIPAA compliance in their professional practice and determine their status as a “covered entity” under HIPAA. More information on whether you are “covered entity” required to comply with HIPAA can be found here.

NARM requires that ALL CPMs, even those not designated as “covered entities,” address the following standards for disclosure of personal health information (PHI) in their professional documents of informed disclosure/informed consent.

CPMs must have permission from their clients to allow students to access medical records for the purpose of education or verification of documentation for their NARM application.

CPMs must disclose to their clients that they participate in regular peer review, which can sometimes necessitate confidential disclosure of health information for the purpose of reviewing the midwife’s professional conduct.