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When is the NARM Exam given?
The NARM Exam is given on the third Wednesday of February and August at regional sites. It is also given, usually, on the pre-conference day at site of the annual MANA Conference in the fall. Exact dates and locations are sent when you qualify to take the exam. The usual regional test sites are listed here (link)

How long is the test? How much time do we have?
The test is an 8 hour, 350 question, multiple choice exam. It is given in two parts. Part one begins at 8:00am, and part two begins at 1:00pm. Four hours are allowed for each part. You may leave the testing room when you finish each part.

What is the best way to prepare for the exam?
All content areas should have been taught and evaluated by instructors or preceptors during training. Students should study the content outline and the reference texts listed in the Candidate Information Booklet. Questions may be related to definitions, normal and abnormal signs and symptoms, differential diagnosis, treatment by the mother and midwife, and conditions for appropriate referral or transport.

On the Day of the Exam:

Are there rules about what we can bring to or take from the testing room?
Yes. All purses or bookbags must be left on the floor. All cell phones must be turned off and cannot be used during the testing time. Restroom breaks may be taken by one person at a time by leaving the test booklet and answer sheet with the proctor. No materials may be taken from the room at any time. Water will be available, or you may bring your own.

What do I do if the room is locked when I arrive at the test site?
If the room or building is locked when you arrive, check your site directions to be sure you are in the right place, then attempt to call the site coordinator at the number on your letter, or call the NARM Test Department.

Can I write comments on the test?
All answers are marked only on the answer sheet and not in the test booklet. The proctor will give instructions for filling out the answer sheet.

A comment sheet is provided to each person taking the test. Comments may be written while you take the test, and turned in to the proctor. You may also use the comment sheet as “scratch paper” but you may not take it with you when you leave. The purpose of the comment sheet is to provide feedback to NARM about suggested improvement in the question or answers. The purpose is NOT to write an essay to explain your choice of answer. The comments will not change your score. The comments will be considered as a part of the test revision process.

What is the passing score?
Each version of the exam may have a slightly different raw score for passing, but it ranges between 79%-81%. The score is reported on a scale where 75 is the passing score. A scaled score of 75 or higher is passing.

What happens next if I pass the exam?
A letter reporting your exam results will be sent 3-4 weeks after the exam date. If you have completed all requirements for certification, your CPM certification will be sent 3-4 weeks after notification. If you tested as a student in a MEAC-accredited school, your certification will be sent after the school notifies NARM of your graduation. If you registered for the exam through a state licensing agency rather than through NARM, your scores will be sent to your licensing agency. You may apply for the CPM certification after you receive the license.

What happens next if I do not pass the exam?
Your letter will contain a registration form to retake the exam. Submit the registration form and retake fee by the deadline listed on the form. NARM candidates must retake the exam within a year of notification, or apply for an extension. If a candidate does not pass within three years of application, a “currency” application must be submitted documenting ten additional supervised births. For more information, contact NARM. There is no maximum number of times you may take the NARM exam. Some states that give the exam for licensure do have a maximum number of times the test may be taken.

What else might delay my certification?

  • Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (adult) and Neonatal Resuscitation certification cards must be submitted with the application. These must be kept current during the testing process. If the cards are due to expire within three months at the time all certification requirements are met, new cards must be submitted.
  • Audits are done on every sixth application. Random audits do not stop the candidate from proceeding through the testing process, but if discrepancies are discovered during the audit, they will need to be resolved before certification is issued.
  • Complaints against a CPM candidate must be resolved before the certification is issued.

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