Registering for the Exam

There are two ways to register for the NARM exam. You must be a CPM candidate, or have been approved to take the exam for licensure by a state licensing agency.

CPM Candidates:
Candidates who are applying for the CPM certification must submit a NARM application to the NARM Applications Department. Application forms are based on the route of education and are listed under Entry Level and Equivalency pages. When the application is approved, candidates receive a letter explaining the next steps. Candidates needing the NARM Skills Assessment will receive information about scheduling their assessment. Candidates who are ready to take the NARM Written Examination will receive information about registering for the exam.

State Licensure Candidates:
Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Montana, New Hampshire, New Mexico, South Carolina, Texas, and Washington, have a licensure process that lets candidate apply for licensure first and then take the NARM exam through the licensing agency.
After being approved by the licensing agency, the candidate will receive an Agency Packet sent either by the agency or by NARM. The packet will contain a Candidate Information Booklet, registration information, and a registration form. The candidates must fill out the form and send it to the NARM Test Department along with a Certified Check or Money order for the $700 testing fee. Licensed Midwives from these states may apply for CPM certification through the Equivalency route.

Don’t forget your Intent Form!
The Written Examination Intent Form must be sent to the NARM Test Department in order for a candidate to be considered registered for the exam. This form indicates the date and testing location chosen by the candidate. Candidates will receive an e-mail or phone call when the Intent Form is received. NARM will send confirmation letters about a month before the test date, and Admission letters are sent about two weeks before the exam.

If the candidate does not receive a confirmation at least a month before the test, the Test Department should be notified by calling 1-888-353-7089.

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