Recertification After Expiration

Expired CPMs

A CPM will be considered expired if she/he is more than 90 days past recertification deadline without declaring inactive status.

Recertification after Expired Status

Should an expired CPM decide to reactivate certification she/he will be required to:

  • Attend five births within five years of reapplication;
  • Fill out and submit the Recertification after Expiration Form;
  • Submit evidence of 30 contact hours in the last three years, including 5 hours of peer review as defined in the Recertification after Expiration packet;
  • Meet reactivation requirements, including currency, peer review, cpr, neonatal resuscitation, and ceus;
  • Submit Recertification after Expiration fee (includes exam).

To recertify from an expired status, the midwife will be required to retake the NARM Written Examination. The NARM Written Examination will be scheduled after the application is received. The fee for reactivation, including the Written Examination, will be the current CPM application fee.

Click here for a pdf file of the Recertification after Expiration Form.

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