Preceptor Handbook and Registration

Preceptor Registration and Renewal

Effective January 1, 2017, NARM Preceptors must be registered before supervising any clinicals documented on a student’s NARM Application. Skills/clinicals signed off after that date by a preceptor who is not registered with NARM will be invalid. Registration cannot be retroactive.

Preceptors who have served as a primary midwife for at least 50 births, including 10 continuity of care births, beyond the entry-level CPM requirements but have less than three years experience will be required to document the additional 50 primary births on Form 705. These births must have occurred after primary births used for certification.

Preceptors are required to renew their registration every three years. Currency is required, ten primary/co-primary births in the last three years. There is no charge for registration or renewal. CPMs might find it easiest to submit the Preceptor Renewal Form 710 with their CPM Recertification.

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