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We are very pleased to present our updated Website to our community. We hope you find this new site easy to navigate and find what you are looking for regarding Certified Professional Midwives.

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Our site is designed to be both compelling and useful to a diverse audience. NARM recognized the need to present information about the CPM credential in a that is easy to search and find. The search results also include an excerpt of the found articles to help you zero in on what you are looking for as quickly as possible.

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Our designer, Michael Davis, helped create an elegant solution for our need to serve a diverse audience. In the header of the site, you’ll find a unique feature called “Find Information For” where you can click through to 5 unique home pages that prioritize and deliver information most relevant to that audience. Whether you are already a CPM, an aspiring midwife, a legislator or state agency, or the press, you will be able to navigate the whole site or just your page with the information that is critical to you.

Advocacy and Professional Development:

Part of NARM’s Mission Statement is to “to work in multiple arenas to promote and improve the role of CPMs in the delivery of maternity care to women and their newborns”. To that end, NARM created pages on Advocacy and Professional Development that are designed to support the existing work of state and national organization working for midwifery and the CPM. Check out our organization reference list, research and references, and our state information page. Contact us to add your state or organization contact information to this growing resource! Look for articles, videos, and screencasts about CEUs opportunities, marketing, and resources like HIPAA for CPMs that support moving the CPM credential forward as part of the solution to improving maternity care in the US!

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