OOC clinicals form 230

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OOC clinicals form 230

Postby coloradocountrygirl » Wed Nov 09, 2011 3:36 am

I have a question about OOC Birth Sites Form 230 page 1.

The form says, "If you have attended any births in out of country locations and would like to use them in your application process on Forms 112a, 121, 200, or 204, please check the NARM website at www.narm.org/OOC.htm or call NARM applications at 888-842-4784 to see if your out of country clinical site is approved. If your site is approved, you may use births at that location on Forms 112a, 121, 200, and 204. You will also need to fill out the two pages of this form listing each of those out of country births." (direct quote)

What about Forms 112b, 112c, 112d, and 112e? This paragraph only says Form 112a, does that mean that others skills on Forms 112b-e can't be done at OOC site at all? Can be done at un-approved OOC sites? Or is this a typo?

Thank you again!!!
(Guess what I'm doing right now? lol. I'm out of the country and posting here is easier than trying to call NARM.)
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