Question about form 112

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Question about form 112

Postby coloradocountrygirl » Wed Nov 09, 2011 3:20 am

Can I turn in more than the required number of prenatals, postpartums, and newborn exams? When I fill in form 112A for the births I'm doing I write in how many prenatals, PPs, etc. I have done on that client, but then I have to turn in verification of those on the corresponding form 112C or 112D, etc. Rather than trying to keep track of exactly which prenatals I need to document because I am going to do/did those births it is easier to just record all the prenatals I'm doing on form 112C, but then I'll probably end up with >150 prenatals to turn in instead of the required 75. Is that okay? Does my question make sense?
Thank you!
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