Question about documenting clinical experience

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Question about documenting clinical experience

Postby Sora Colvin » Tue Jul 21, 2009 12:52 am

I am posting under a member's account pending my account being approved. I am documenting the clinical experience I have received from the several midwives I have apprenticed under. As I was filling out my forms, I realized that I have checked "yes" to completing a newborn exam on my birth form, however my newborn exam form is completed with the 20 required exams, so there is no place for me to enter the new ones from the last five births I have done. If the preceptor signs the affidavit stating that I attended 5 births with her and completed 5 newborn exams, do I have to have these newborn exams listed on the Newborn Exam sheet (thus requiring me to redo the paperwork to make room for it), or could I submit a second Newborn Exam sheet with those five on it (giving me a total of 25 newborn exams documented)? Thank you.

(posted on behalf of a fellow intern with me here in Davao this month! -- Sora)
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Re: Question about documenting clinical experience

Postby NARMinfo » Wed Jul 22, 2009 10:24 pm

Thanks for your question! The easiest way to handle this is just add a sheet with the additional five newborn exams. If you have any other questions regarding your application, please feel free to contact the applications department directly at
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