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Mary Callender

Postby vbacmom » Sat Apr 25, 2009 11:12 pm

I am a NMI student and apprenticing midwife in Richmond, VA and the surrounding areas. I have been a birth doula for 12 years, a postpartum doula for 7 years, and a midwifery student for nearly 3 years. I am also an ICAN leader and VBAC mom. My oldest will graduate in a couple of months. I had a unnecessarian with him because he was breech. I vowed not to do that again and looked high and low for a doula with my second pregnancy. At that time, there were only 2 in Richmond and they were affiliated with large OB practices. I eventually found an assistant to the HB midwife in town to be my doula. She is the assistant in chapter 7 of the book Pushed by Jennifer Block. She taught me that birth is normal and to trust my body. With her guidance and support in healing from the cesarean, I went on to have a pure birth with my daughter. She was 9 lbs 9 oz and persistent posterior. I am spreading the message that she gave me. And I'm sick and tired of OBs calling for a c-section for stupid reasons!! I had wanted to wait for my doula/midwives assistant to strike out on her own and apprentice with her but realized that this was not going to happen. I wanted to be a granny midwife and after a number of years had passed, I noticed my teenage son ogling the girls at the beach and thought-oh no-I'm going to be a granny before I am a midwife if I keep at it at this pace! I look forward to sharing thoughts and discussions with everyone on the forum.

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