CNM requesting help from CPMs

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CNM requesting help from CPMs

Postby Janelle Wahlman » Wed Mar 24, 2010 5:11 pm

Hi, I'm new to the forum. I began as an apprentice midwife in CA during the time that was illegal, and worked as a DEM for many years before reluctantly going back to school to get my CNM. My primary motivation was the frustration I had at the roadblocks clients and I encountered when trying to get help with anything that I could not, in my scope of practice, easily order or access.

As a CNM, I have had collaborative relationships with CPMs. I am presently hospital-based, but have had a birth center and home birth practice in the past, and am hoping to do so again in the future. I've recommended home birth to some of my clients and referred them to area CPMs, and have helped the CPMs with births that needed to transfer to the hospital for various reasons. I love collaborating together, and have been so disappointed at ACNM's lack of support for CPMs.

I am preparing to give a presentation at the June ACNM annual meeting, on the topic of CNM-CPM collaboration. I am seeking your help in sharing with me experiences you have had (which will remain anonymous), both positive or negative, in collaborative care. What has worked well? What hasn't worked? What would you like to see for midwifery collaboration in the future? I would appreciate any and all comments and suggestions.
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Re: CNM requesting help from CPMs

Postby babiesforRuby » Wed May 19, 2010 5:14 pm

It is SO encouraging to see this spirit among the various varieties of midwives :) Thank you for your supportive practice!! I hope you get the same from the hb mws in the area. There are many others on here with much more experience in this area than me, so I'll leave them to respond. But just wanted to thank you for your support, and a recent CPM myself!!!
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