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Ruth Cox

Postby babiesforRuby » Thu Oct 22, 2009 9:38 am

Hi all,
I post as babiesforRuby, and passed the NARM exam in Feb '10. I've apprenticed under four preceptors, and currently reside in GA. It feels crazy to be finished with the "student" period. I've had 2 babies during the journey, who've stretched my midwifery skills to the limit: one with endless complications ending in a c/s, the next an hbac. I'm looking forward to doing a few births a year while home with little ones most of the time, until I'm done having babies and the youngest are a little older.

My husband and I both spent formative years residing abroad, and still hope to move abroad someday, tho we have no such plans for the near future. I would LOVE to further midwifery there by teaching or practicing if we do so. I was able to travel to my husband's childhood home last year and attend births, both home and hospital. It was a wonderful experience, which I'd love to return to, particularly after I learn the language!!
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