Hi, I'm Don Wheeler

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Hi, I'm Don Wheeler

Postby drwheeler » Sat Jul 11, 2009 8:07 pm

Hi my name is Don Wheeler, I am a Neurosomatic Therapist & I have a small clinic in Gilmer Texas with my two daughters Joleen & Julia. I've just discovered this site & would love any & all input. In my practice, we treat women on a regular basis that are experiencing female problems, including simple cases of sciatica as well as more complicated issues like the inability to carry a pregnancy full term or even conceive, along with a long list of other things. I've assisted with the birth of my grandbabies & have had several women form my practice ask about my assisting &/or delivering at their births. Unfortunately, at least for now, I have to answer "I'm really not qualified at this time". One of my daughters does assist on births fairly regularly as a massage therapist, typically at hospitals. All of that to say this, we have recently been offered the opportunity to buy a doctors clinic. The Doctor is retiring & we already share quite a few patients with him. I have a couple more therapist that would like to come to work with us & even a nurse practitioner that will come on board if I buy it. For years now, I've considered the possibility of going through the process of midwifery certification so that I could legally & safely extent the services I can offer to my female clients. So my question is, are men ever trained in midwifery? Or is it unheard of??? What do you think the chances are of my getting that done here in East Texas? I know some Midwives think that this trade should always be left ot women, & I'm OK with hearing from you, but I do have plenty of female clients that are not hung up on the gender, just the quality of care. I'd love to have yor thoughts & any suggestions you would offer as to where to start?
Thanks so much for your consideration,
Don Wheeler
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