insurance billing services?

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insurance billing services?

Postby Sora Colvin » Tue May 26, 2009 5:45 pm


I'm wondering how many of you out there use a billing service, how many file insurance claims yourselves, and how many leave it up to the parents to pursue insurance reimbursement on their own. If you use a billing service, which one do you use?


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Sora Colvin
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Re: insurance billing services?

Postby MotherNurtured » Thu May 28, 2009 8:29 pm

I plan to let clients submit for reimbursement... my preceptor will bill insurance though, and I believe she uses Larsen. I'm just not sure I want to deal with it myself. :|
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Re: insurance billing services?

Postby BVMidwife » Thu Oct 22, 2009 11:46 pm

I know that I would want my midwife to bill insurance.. I really wouldn't mind taking a class on coding to be able to truly get the money out of it that they ought to be paying. When you submit the general code for homebirth, it is so much easier for them to deny it, but when you submit individual codes for prenatals, birth, supplies, etc. It's much harder for them to deny it.
However, I have two little ones (one two year old and one 6 month old) I just got my CPM and have very few births. I haven't had any clients so far that have had insurance so it really hasn't been an issue. I was told about Larson though, and I will probably set up with them as soon as I do have a client with insurance, they seem pretty reasonable. I also really like the idea of that thing that's been being advertised lately.. think it is called midwife's desk or something like that? Anyway they deal with billing clients and send you a check... I might do that when I get a busier practice, just to keep things a little more simple.
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