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Very few applicants make it through the process without needing to ask a few questions. We have complied some of the more frequently asked questions (and answers!) for you here. If you don’t find your question’s answer here, you can contact us at applications@narm.org

IMPORTANT: Updates to CPM Eligibility Requirements

NARM is pleased to announce the results of the CPM Eligibility Review Process. Read More >

Are online CPR courses accepted by NARM?
No. While we understand that the new process includes taking the test online, NARM only accepts certification from courses which include a hands-on skills component. Online-only courses are not accepted. Approved CPR courses include the American Heart Association and the Red Cross. Neonatal resuscitation courses must be approved by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Canadian Paediatric Society, or pre-approved by NARM. Courses must be approved for use in the US or Canada.

Can I use a personal check to pay my fees?
No, pay all fees by Money Order, Cashier’s Check, or Credit Card.

Can I pay with a credit card?
Yes, NARM accepts Credit Card transactions (Visa and MasterCard). You can call the office and we can take your information over the phone, or you can send in your information with your application or recertification package. There is an 8% handling fee for all credit card transactions.

I recently changed my name, what do I need to send to NARM to update my legal name?

1.  Submit one notarized copy of a legal ID:  driver’s license, passport or state issued photo ID card.


2.  Submit a copy of two name change documents.  One document from each list below must be submitted:

a.  Driver’s license, passport, or state issued photo ID card; and

b.  Social security card, divorce decree stating name change, marriage certificate stating name change, or other court documents of name change.

You may order a revised certificate and/or wallet card by sending the appropriate fees listed below along with your name change information.

Replacement Certificate and Wallet Card: $30
Replacement Certificate or Wallet Card only: $20

Send proof and fee (if you want a replacement Certificate or Wallet Card) to:
NARM Applications Department
PO Box 420
Summertown, TN 38483

If I performed skills or births and had them signed off prior to June 1, 2010 with a preceptor who does not meet the new NARM requirements for qualified preceptors, will their signature for births, skills etc. count towards my application?
Yes, all preceptor signatures prior to June 1, 2010 will be accepted as long as they met the qualifications at that time.

Do client codes have to be consistent throughout the application?
Each client must have their own individual code that remains the same throughout the application. If listing more than one pregnancy with the same client, use a different client code for each pregnancy. If more than one student is working with a client they should use the same code.

If I use a client in my application that has had more than one child under my care, can I use the same code for each birth?
No, each client’s birth should have its own unique code.

What is the total fee for a PEP Entry Level applicant going through this process?
The PEP Entry Level application process is now broken down into four parts. Phase 1 ($200.00), Phase 2 ($400), Phase 3 ($400) and Phase 4 ($100). The testing fee is $900.00 for a total of $2000.00.

You may download the NARM Application and CIB free of charge on the website or order a hard copy of the NARM Application and CIB for $50.

I have been a Primary under Supervision off and on for the last few years, is there a time frame I must adhere to in order for my primary births to count in my application?
Yes, 10 of the primary births that you will be using on Form 112A and Form 200 must be within the last 3 years.  All clinicals must be within ten years of the application submission.

Should a preceptor sign for Initial exams, Prenatal exams, Newborn exams, and Post Partum visits that they did not personally supervise, even though they attended the birth and signed Form 112a?
No, preceptors may only sign for the clinicals if they were present and in the room.


Application Audits
CPMs are randomly audited for quality assurance purposes. Documents required for random audits are Practice Guidelines, Informed Disclosure, Informed Consent Documents, and Emergency Care Form. Audits require submission of documents within two weeks of notification.

What is an Emergency Care Form?
An Emergency Care Form is a document that is completed for each client. It should include a place to document:

  1. Client name and phone number
  2. Back up physician’s name and phone number
  3. Pediatrician’s name and phone number
  4. Preferred hospital’s name and phone number
  5. Closest hospital’s name and phone number
  6. Directions to client’s home

Can I fax in my audit materials?
Faxes to the NARM Applications office should be 10 pages or less. Longer documents should be mailed.

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