Delinquent Applications

Receipt of an application by the deadline does not guarantee automatic approval to take the NARM Written Examination.  After review of an application, the Applications Department will send notification of approval or any needed corrections.

Approval to take the NARM Written Examination is dependent on completion of the application process, not submission of an application.  NARM reserves the right to return any incomplete applications.

Applicants must complete all required work within the timetable set by NARM, including written extensions. An applicant whose application has expired will forfeit all fees. Candidates should keep copies of all application materials submitted. If the candidate needs to have expired application materials returned, a $100 fee will be required. Requests for extensions must be received in writing by the deadline listed. Every effort will be made by NARM to notify applicants of approaching expiration deadlines, but NARM cannot be responsible for notifying candidates who have moved or who do not receive mail at the address listed on the application. The responsibility for meeting deadlines and/or requesting extensions is the candidate’s. If unusual circumstances prevent an applicant from meeting these deadlines, NARM will consider further extensions on an individual basis if submitted in writing prior to the deadline. NARM recommends continued supervised practice throughout the application and testing process.

Extension deadlines can be found in the Candidate Information Booklet.


Candidates who have failed the NARM Written Examination are expected to complete the certification process within the time frames listed above. There is no limit to the number of times a candidate may take the exam, but the candidate must wait at least three months to retake the written exam. If multiple retakes are required, the candidate may not be able to complete certification within the expected time frame. If a candidate does not complete the certification process within three years of application, documentation of continued supervised clinical practice is required. The candidate must submit Form 112a (amended) documenting ten (10) supervised births that have occurred within three years of submitting the next retake form.

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