Experienced Midwife

The Experienced Midwife route is for candidates with extensive or non-conventional training and experience. Candidates must complete the Portfolio Evaluation Process (PEP) and each application is individually evaluated to determine whether training and experience are equivalent to NARM’s certification standards. Additional documentation may be requested by the Applications Department. Completion of the PEP process qualifies candidates to apply to take the NARM written examination.

This application route will be discontinued December 31, 2019.

Experience Requirements:

The experienced midwife must have been in primary practice for a minimum of five years and have a minimum of 75 out-of-hospital births within the last ten years (at least ten births must be within the last two years).  These births must have occurred in the US or Canada.

Experience Requirements. All Experienced Midwife candidates must document:

  • 75 out-of-hospital births within the last ten years including:
    • At least ten (10) births in the last two (2) years
    • Five (5) births with continuity of care which includes five (5) prenatal exams spanning two trimesters, the birth, newborn exam and two (2) postpartum exams.
  • 300 prenatal visits (at least 50 different women);
  • 50 newborn exams;
  • 75 postpartum visits.

Charts or written documentation of all care must be available.

Certification Process:

Phase 1: Verification of Experience and Skills
All Experienced Midwife candidates must:

  • Complete the appropriate NARM application forms.
  • Document experience and skills requirements, and include any relevant certificates, diplomas, licenses and degrees.
  • Complete Form 201 or 201b documenting the acquisition of skills required for NARM Certification using the instructions for Special Circumstances applicants. For the Experienced Midwife category only these skills may be greater than ten years old.
  • Submit a copy of both sides of current Adult CPR and Neonatal Resuscitation Certification (or approved alternative);
  • Submit copies of:
    • Practice guidelines;
    • An emergency care form;
    • Informed disclosure (given at initiation of care); and
    • An informed consent document used for shared decision making during care.
  • Satisfy skills verification requirements.
  • A Letter of Completion of NARM’s Portfolio Evaluation Process will be sent after all requirements are met.

Phase 2: Application for Certification
All Experienced Midwife candidates mus

    Submit the CPM Application Form (400) and the Letter of Completion of NARM’s PEP Program.

Upon approval of the application materials, the NARM Written Examination will be scheduled. The Certified Professional Midwife certification will be issued after all requirements are met.

Download all Experienced Midwife Application Forms here

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