Address and/or Name Change

Address or email updates may be sent by email to

NARM is more than happy to make name changes in the database as long as you send in legal documentation.

1.  Submit one notarized copy of a legal ID:  driver’s license, passport or state issued photo ID card.


2.  Submit a copy of two name change documents.  One document from each list below must be submitted:

a.  Driver’s license, passport, or state issued photo ID card; and

b.  Social security card, divorce decree stating name change, marriage certificate stating name change, or other court documents of name change.

You may order a revised certificate and/or wallet card by sending the appropriate fees listed below along with your name change information.

Replacement Certificate and Wallet Card: $30
Replacement Certificate or Wallet Card only: $20

Send proof and fee (if you want a replacement Certificate or Wallet Card) to:
NARM Applications Department
PO Box 420
Summertown, TN 38483


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