The purpose of recertification is to encourage CPMs to advance and enhance their knowledge and skills and/or to promote continued competence by requiring CPMs to demonstrate current levels of knowledge and skills.

Requirements for NARM Recertification

  • Each CPM must complete the Recertification Application and attach all pertinent documentation. A CPM, no matter what route of entry they came through for initial certification, will be considered expired if she/he is more than 90 days past recertification deadline without declaring inactive status.
  • A total of 30 CEUs over three years are required for recertification, including five mandatory CEUs in Peer Review and 25 CEUs in a variety of other categories. In lieu of the 25 CEUs, applicants may re-take the NARM Written Examination. To request a re-testing form, contact
  • Maintain CPR and neonatal resuscitation certification.  (CPR and/or neonatal resuscitation may not be used as part of your CEU totals.)
  • NARM only accepts certification for CPR and neonatal resuscitation from courses that include a hands-on skills component. Online only courses are not accepted. Approved CPR courses include the American Heart Association and the Red Cross. Neonatal resuscitation courses must be approved by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Canadian Paediatric Society, or pre-approved by NARM. Courses must be approved for use in the US or Canada.

    For purposes of NARM Recertification, NARM uses the term “CEU” to refer to required continuing education, which may be documented in hours or in units. 1 contact hour is equal to 0.1 units.

Cultural Competency

All applicants and CPMs are required to complete a workshop, module, or course on Cultural Competency for certification and recertification. Approved Courses/Modules are:

  • A course on cultural competency within a midwifery education program accredited by MEAC or a specific state approved midwifery education program
  • A course on cultural competency within a state approved medical/health education program
  • A cultural competency course offered as a workshop accredited for CEUs by MEAC

There are several online sites that provide Cultural Competency modules for health care providers and offer CEUs.  A Google search should bring up quite a few options.  Please note that Cultural Competency modules are not required to have CEUs attached, but if they do you may also use them in Category 1.  If there are no CEUs provided the course/module must be health care related and presented through an institution or other recognized source.  A certificate of completion may be submitted as proof of participation. Some options include:


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