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As of January 2017, the CPM certification had been issued to over 3000 midwives. All thirty-one states that recognize direct-entry midwives practicing in predominately out-of-hospital settings use the NARM Written Examination or the CPM credential as the basis for legal recognition. Midwives in other states are working on laws to license midwives using the CPM credential.

As hospital care costs escalate and home or birth center births increase, the Certified Professional Midwife is the credential that consumers choose when they are seeking an out-of-hospital birth. The CPM practices the Midwives Model of Care and preserves multiple routes of entry into the profession of midwifery. The Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) continues to offer traditional, natural, non-interventive births with good outcomes and state-of-the-art professional skills

CPM Status by State

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