Inactive Status

To be put on Inactive Status, a CPM must:

  • Submit the Inactive Status Application within 90 days of their expiration date, fees are listed below:
    • $35: Inactive Status Form submitted before the current certification period ends
    • $50: Inactive Status Form submitted within 90 days after their expiration date

Midwives who are listed as inactive:

  • Will receive all NARM communications.
  • Are bound to all policies regarding Peer Review and the Grievance Mechanism.
  • May NOT identify themselves as a CPM.
  • Will not have their name given to prospective clients. Inquiries about the status of a midwife will be answered that the CPM has been certified but is currently Inactive
The Inactive Status Form must be submitted each year to retain Inactive Status. There is a six year maximum for claiming Inactive Status (two recertification cycles), at which time Inactive Status will become expired unless the midwife submits the required information to become recertified. Within the six year period of inactivity, the CPM may become recertified at any time by paying the recertification fee and fulfilling the Recertification Requirements. It is important to note the certification cycle will not be adjusted. Note: A CPM will be considered expired if they have not declared Inactive Status or recertified by their expiration date. There is a 90 day grace period to submit requirements. If Inactive Status or if a Recertification Application has not been submitted and approved, expiration is considered permanent.


Please apply for Inactive Status using Certemy if at all possible. You may also pay the Inactive Status fee through Certemy.

Apply using a Form

If you are unable to use Certemy, fill out and submit this Inactive Application Form.

If you are unable to use Certemy and you wish to pay with a credit card, you will receive an invoice by email with a direct link for credit card payment once your application has been received and logged in.