Peer Review

Accountability provides reassurance to women who choose CPMs as their care providers and to states who utilize the CPM for legal recognition.  The process validates continued competency and professional conduct.  In addition to recertification, NARM utilizes three levels of oversight and review of CPM practice: Community Peer Review, Complaint Review, and the Grievance Mechanism.

Community Peer Review

Community Peer Review is routine, confidential, professional, non-punitive, and educational. Read more

Complaint Review

Complaint Review addresses a complaint against a Certified Professional Midwife. This initiates a formal process that must include the participation of the midwife and the client. Any recommendations derived as a result of this process are non-binding. Read more

Grievance Mechanism

Grievance Mechanism addresses a second or subsequent complaint against a CPM or CPM applicant. Any recommendations derived as a result of this process are binding and may include probation, suspension, or revocation of a CPM credential, or suspension or denial of a NARM application. Read more

A CPM or CPM applicant who has been named in a written complaint to NARM is required to participate in Complaint Review and/or Grievance Mechanism. Failure or refusal to participate in the accountability processes will result in revocation of the credential or denial of the CPM application.

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