How To File a Complaint with NARM

A complaint will be addressed with the Complaint Review or Grievance Mechanism only if the client whose course of care has prompted the complaint is willing to sign a records release. With a records release, her chart will be confidentially reviewed and discussed by the midwives participating in the Grievance Mechanism. Without the client’s permission to review her chart the complaint is closed.

A complaint against a CPM or CPM applicant may only be made by a client, or a party with direct knowledge of the cause for concern. Complaints must be received by NARM within 18 months of the end of the course of care prompting the complaint. A complete list of policies regarding the NARM Accountability Process can be found in the Candidate Information Booklet.

A signed Records Release must must be received before a complaint can be processed.

Complaints must be received in writing and should be mailed to:
NARM Accountability
Shannon Anton
PO Box 128
Bristol, VT 05443

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