Accountability provides reassurance to women who choose CPMs as their care providers and to states who utilize the CPM for legal recognition. Professional conduct is expected for all CPMs and student midwives. When there are concerns regarding the conduct of a CPM or student midwife, NARM has policies in place to address those concerns. The process validates continued competency and professional conduct. More information about the NARM accountability process can be found beginning on page 57 in the Candidate Information Booklet.

A CPM or CPM applicant who has been named in a written complaint to NARM is required to participate in Complaint Review and/or Grievance Mechanism. Failure or refusal to participate in the accountability processes will result in revocation of the credential or denial of the CPM application.

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How to File a Complaint With NARM About a Preceptor/Student Relationship

NARM does not directly supervise the preceptor/student relationship. The NARM Preceptor/Student Accountability process is intended to address issues related to integrity, conduct, and the upholding of written and signed preceptor/student work agreements